GESS RNG Biogas USA, LLC, a Delaware corporation, (the “Company”) is a developer of agricultural waste to energy plants producing renewable natural gas (RNG) from farms in Idaho, Missouri, Texas, Illinois, Michigan and North Carolina. The Company specializes in the development of anaerobic digester plants using swine and dairy manure, as well as row crop residues.

GESS RNG Biogas USA, LLC has worked to promote the use of RNG Biogas to mainstream America through Indy Car Racing.

What is Biogas?

Biogas is a renewable fuel that is naturally produced from organic waste, commonly manure or food waste. Biogas is an important fuel type for many reasons as it is a renewable resource, unlike many other fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, and natural gas. Using fewer fossil fuels leads to reduced greenhouse gas emissions for planet earth.

Converting waste into energy, it must go through the natural process of anaerobic digestion. Simply put, breaking down waste in a closed space. This process results in the creation of methane and CO2. The CO2 is removed, leaving methane to be used as a renewable natural gas. This process leads to another advantage of using biogas, of less water and soil pollution. This process often occurs in a digester tank, meaning there will not be any chemicals being leached into soil or water. Digester tanks can be found at biogas upgrading plants, which concentrate the methane in biogas to natural gas standards.

Another byproduct of biogas is organic fertilizer, which means even less chemicals being used. Arguably the greatest advantage, producing biogas is low-cost if any cost, considering all the payoffs. Manure and food waste will continue to be produced at massive amounts and be readily available.

Benefits of using biogas

Renewable & Clean

Reduces the use of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions.

Reduces Pollution

Waste can be used as biogas.


Manure and food scraps will always be available.


The materials being used (manure, food, etc.) are already being produced and there are low-cost biodigesters on the market.


Craig Lasseter
Director of Project Acquisition
Cliff Alexander
Director of Biogas Operations
Naomi Van Horn
H.R. and Analyst
Cody Lee
Manure & Digestate Specialist
Shaun Lee
Managing Partner

Anthony Jabbour
Corporate Legal Counsel
Alec Leonard
Environmental Engineer
Gavin Marrow
Biogas Engineer
Jessica Horiwitz
Mechanical Process Engineer
Jonathan Lanari
Wastewater Engineer
Luke Morrical
Biogas Engineer
Marin Ostermeyer
Wastewater Engineer
Moira Gula
Sustainability Specialist
Nicholas Vasselikas
Environmental Engineer
Phil Heath
Environmental Specialist
Rayan Tejada
RNG Engineer
Susan Liu
Biogas Engineer
Tina Tzuting Wen
Biogas Engineer
Tony Pinckney
Project Manager
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745 West Johnson Street Suite C
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